A Hit In The Head

PWTC – The 12th General Election’s results had most of us confounded with numerous questions by BN’s unexpected losses. The ambience at the Ops Room was sombre and I believe some of us felt either disappointed or rueful.

I’m not quite sure how others viewed the outcome but I personally had a framework of what the justifications were. Till this day, my mind could not stop from sussing out our weaknesses and our strategies of mending the situation.

I have nothing against any party and I take a neutral stance in this context. We have to admit that the results construed the dissatisfactions of the people towards the government and it sent a code red warning to the ruling authorities.

Gone are the days of favouritism and privileges. Globalized information dissemination in the 21st Century has catalyzed demands of governance transparency and accountability. Be it the urban or rural citizens, they know what their rights are and shall not adhere to policies that will cost their interests.

The cybermedia was one of the immense contributors to this Malaysian political revolution. Name me one avenue that was not utilized to permeate the readers’ minds. Not to say the ruling players did not try to reach the public but probably it has not been convincing enough added that sporadic controversial issues were highlighted over time. Naturally, readers are attracted to sensational stories. I remember that Johnny Depp once said “Good stories don’t sell, do they?”.

Countering issues has not been easy moreover that our cyber soldiers weren’t mobilized strategically thus leading to this subtle usurpation. The publics need better explanations. They want results not reasons. Believe me, higher expectations are set these days and its not just about mending the roads and drains.

I wondered if consociationalism to some extent has become irrelevant and other methods of negotiation had to be constructed for the survival of an all fair nation. Democracy might cost the Malays their polity insulation and put their capabilities at test. They will either swim or drown. It will be a survival of the fittest society. The educated and well off may be ahead and the poor might face some struggle. Only time will tell if Oppositions manage to level this condition for a socialistic cause as they have deemed.

Obviously we have witnessed a neck-to-neck competition of seats between the National Coalition and Opposition Parties. Although BN lost loads of seats, the majority votes and spoilt votes sums signified that its losses were phenomenal. Unless these parties reformulate their modus operandi, they will never be able to recuperate and regain their political conquests.


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