Dr. Ash : Kelantan’s Political Protégé

Uno Pace, KL – For the first time ever in my life, I was perusing the list of election candidates for every single state in the country. Trying to single out the names of contenders that I personally knew, deciphering the fate of their warfare. The electoral politics suddenly seemed like some sort of a game; who’s put up, who’s adjourned, who’s dropped out, who’s buried for good?

One name that caught my attention was BN’s Knight for Tumpat, Kelantan ;Dr. Ashraf Wajdi Dusuki. I do not know him personally but as an IIUM graduate, I do recall his repertoire as a student representative during my early university years.

Amongst the BN gladiators, Dr. Ash was the youngest at 32 years of age. Nevertheless, looking back at his background I find that he does have that leadership package to steer Tumpat’s community into the same direction at an accelerated pace.

He’ll be facing a tough fight against the Opposition’s Secretary General. It is still too early to predict Tumpat’s preference as we have one more week till the Election Day comes round. Be it a win or loss, this opportunity would definitely be a good introductory course for Dr. Ash. Well, that’s if he gets to sing and dance along Kelantan’s political tunes.


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