The Beginning of An Intellectual Odyssey

Sanctuary, UnoStep -Screening for the most intriguing field for my paperwork has been a daunting endeavour. Various factors had to be taken into consideration. The conflict between ethics and intellectual interest entwined had led my thoughts to a cul-de-sac somewhere in my mind.

Inquiries to different experts have sparked simple ideas which nevertheless would require sophisticated measures to be exerted. One typical field of curiosity mentioned among them was regarding the government’s delivery system. As usual, how corruption compromises credibility, how misuse of power handicapped reliability and quality, seeking the best means to improvise the components of the system itself, how to avoid misbehaviour in lifts of government buildings

(Yikes! ) and etc.

My initial principle was to steer away from such cliché on governance scrutiny. “A too ambitious thesis is the first sign of failure. You need to think with your feet on the ground” as an ex editor-in-chief had once reminded me.

Being in a political organization has inundated me with quite a number of controversial but information laden of issues. The Organization consists of numerous levels of authority, branches, divisions, auxiliaries, bureaus, bodies and such. Among all of these parts and parcels of the party, there was one faction that caught my attention. The part which was very much desired or envied by many yet meticulously explored by none. The political wing that I myself had doubted all these while; Puteri UMNO.


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