’ve finally completed my assignments after weeks living in fear of not being able to complete them in time.  Now I could sleep in peace I guess. Probably I’d still be dreaming of SPSS and those complicated methodological terms as the final exams will only be next week.


Studying and working is not easy as it’s pronounced. It is not a matter of exhausting the physical energy nor spending your hard earned money for education rather than traveling or shopping. It’s only that I feel tied up at times due to the constrained schedule and the limited capacity of my mind to cater the abundant info and things that I am obliged to.


However, I am grateful for being able to serve my country and simultaneously expanding my level of knowledge which in turn will aid me in what I do. I admit that I do not have a clear idea of whom or what I shall be in 10 years time. As far as I am concerned, as the going gets tough, the tough gets tougher and slicker. Not simply going monotonously.



I was taught not to worry of those useless teeny weenie bits of the future. Things will shape as it flows. Like the stones of the rivers and the dams. It is those negative thoughts that hinder us from living to our fullest and performing our best. “Otak kita bukan tong sampah” as gramps used to tell me. From what I’ve experienced, I must say I concur with you Jiddi.


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