Not Only God is Everywhere



ecently, a colleague showed me a clip in a lift in our parliament building. I shan’t elaborate much on that clip but what I can share is the thoughts that strikes me from these similar incidents of such.


People are still not aware that these days CCTVs are everywhere. These cameras do not necessarily be those type that tend to be protruding at the end of the walls. With the advancement of technology and intelligence, it may be as slim as a pen.


The good part is that recorded clips can be helpful as evidence for safety and criminal cases. However, what happens when things that are not meant to be viewed are included?  Can we claim that technological extremity has totally invaded the right of human privacy or is the power of privacy in our own hands?


I was thinking if the monitoring trend could be related to the statements in the Quran that God is everywhere. You do not see Him but He Sees You. If we knew how God would monitor us; say just like we see people recorded from CCTVs everywhere, we might be living in total fear!


So people! Beware and behave no matter where you are for you are being watched. Not only by GOD but also GAD (Read: Guard) which includes Pak Cik Gad or Abg Gad in his CCTV operating room. Look around before you pick your nose or whatever. For those who plan to attempt for any misconduct, amongst the two there is always the third and the fourth party – The devil and the Pak Gad.


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