I am Confucianally Confused



ity Centre – A friend related to me a statement by a prominent figure recently. “ In order to excel in business, the Malays should adopt Confusian principles.”


My friend was taken aback by that statement as the VIP is a Moslem. He believed that Islamic principles are sufficient to succeed in the economic realm.I’m not surprised. I think, being a businessman the VIP was influenced by the Northeast regime which is the epitome of today’s Asian economic success. Some scholars believed that the adoption of Confusian principles is one of the reasons of their economic prosperity besides nationalism, preparation for the possibilities of war during the 1940s and so forth. Thus, aftermath of WW2 had catalyzed nationalism which led to the mobilization of economic development in buttressing their defence system. Resulting to countries like Japan, Taiwan, South Koreaare way ahead of Malaysia definitely.


What has gone wrong really? In our early years of independence the public service learnt a good basis of administrative methods from the Japs. So we had a good start for managing our country then. Our economic policies are also similar to those of Northeast countries. Is it true that the distortion of further growth is due to our principles? Are the Islamic principles incompetent or is it a matter of lack of understanding and adoption of the Islamic principles in developing the Towering Malays? Economic relevant Islamic principles, what are they? Can anyone tell me here?



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