The Past


ity Centre – I’ve read once that not letting go of your past would hold you back from moving forward in life. How true this thesis could be proven depends on one’s thought and experience I guess.

I myself would have to concur with the conclusion on the detriments of the past. Here I’d refer to the negative pasts. They could be those that would scar you deeply. They could also be sorrowful yet full of meaning.

During the earlier phase of my adolescence, I used to dwell into sadness quite often. It really showed not only on my face but especially in the eyes. Till one day, my great mentor shook me up and told me that our brain is not meant for storing rubbish. Just put them in a box and throw it away. Forever.

Alhamdulillah, I was 17 then and it wasn’t too late for anything too change in this world. I’ve learnt to accept and forget ever since. By leaving the past I was able to savour the good things that came to me with the feeling of Syukur. One simple word but undeniably theultimate key of contentment in life.

I am gratefully thankful to Allah for unendingly sending angels in disguise to teach me and support me till today. Knowing or not whether they are those angels, I thank them too and I shall have them in my prayers always, God Willing. Ameen..


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