Mental Academe Suppression


urger King, Sri Property Mas – It has been a delicate situation for me for the past few weeks. There were moments when my mind was inundated with ideas but all I could do was to keep mum. Silence is the best policy. Why? Why? Why?

The environment disallows me from doing so. I am in a dilemma of what to say and what not. I fear of blurting the triggers of sensitivity. On one side, I wished to share with the rest what I thought and to have a dialogue of minds. On the other part, I didn’t want them to nurture any sense of prejudice towards me. My principle is that; I come for peace. I guess I adhere to what Rafsanjani had proposed in the UN. That doesn’t mean I’m a Shi’ite though.

Being brought up in a multiracial environment, I’ve never felt any discrimination towards others. From where I came from, people were cooperative and respected their different traditions. Well at least in the society where I was brought up with. The Malays, Javanese, Arabs, Chinese and Indians were friendly to each other. Glitches were minimal of course.

So here I am, still adjusting the blueprint of my jurisdiction. It is disheartening to see the outcome of colonialism today. The divide and rule system has subtly left us with cracks within the nation. I really hope it will never break up like it did in 1969. God Forbid!


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