Maiming Industrial Training


few days ago, a lecturer of mine debunked the idea of “Industrial Training” being a part and parcel of certain degree courses. From his experience in visiting his previous students at the organizations they were attached with, the job delegations were simply useless. He contended that instead of practicing what they have learnt in Uni, they were only given to do all the phone calls, photocopying and other “donkey works”. Conclusion, Industrial Training is just a waste of time.

He also shared with us on a conversation he had with an Indonesian graduate during his visit in a University few years ago. He compared our students with Indonesian students where he recalled that one of them claimed that “We were trained to create employment and not to seek jobs from the government. We were trained to survive.”

Then he questioned why are our students not as tough as those Indonesian students. Is it the fault of the lecturers or is it the Malaysian Education System?

Industrial Training the Road to Hell?

Industrial Training is what it is as you DEEM it to be. If you think you shtupid when you shpeak Malay, then what to do? Aiyo. True enough as a freshie, mostly are not required to do tasks that would involve in major decision makings or coming up with spectacular ideas that would move the world. However, what these freshes don’t realise is that they can be evaluated by the employer or manager from these teeny weeny simple tasks.

For example, you are instructed to do some simple editing, printing, cutting, photocopying or stapling for so many documents. Although it seems so simple but doing it over and over again would incur mistakes. So, it is up to you on how to organize your tasks to ensure that you can do it within the shortest time frame, without any errors and of course your work or product has to be tidy and well presented. It depicts your efficiency and credibility. Most of all, it is the opportunity of self image building as a potential employee.

Making phone calls maybe a boring job but tell me how many university students are fluent on the phone? Do they really know what to say and the proper manner and language to say it? Rarely. So Industrial Training is definitely the period to really learn and familiarise graduates with the system of an organization. I don’t think all courses practically teach students how to reply to a phone call, handle a problematic photocopy machine nor how to answer to an unsatisfied client.

I believe that industrial training is a period of exposure and familiarising ourselves with the environment. It opens up our eyes and tells us that “This is the real world. Just like Montessories teaching kids to mix up with other kids which then prepares you for kindergarten. Then you enrol for primary education and secondary school. The working realm is the same thing. It requires a preparation phase.

In fact, I learnt that no matter how old you’re gonna get. What position you are. When you are put in a new environment, you might have to start from scratch and bound to be bullied or ridiculed for your ignorance. (Then again that depends on how stupid you are. If you think you stupid when you speak malay then up to you la. Hahaha, just felt like putting this sentence since everyone is doing it. Even though its not related here. Shemi, it’s my blog and I can put whatever I want. So read it or go away. I’m trying my best to share things here God damn it.)

For example, a father of my friend used to be the number 3 in the Anti-Corruption Agency in Malaysia for years. Then he retired and he was hired by a big corporate firm. Imagine, being a big boss he used to have so many people doing small things for him. At the new place, he has to struggle by himself to get information and materials that he needed. Of course he was ridiculed and he wasn’t used to how the system worked over there. Today, he excels in his job and he’s recognised for his job.

So none of us should feel ashamed nor degraded when we are bullied, ridiculed nor degraded. We should take it as a challenge to improvise ourselves.


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