An Excerpt of Handphonology


ity Centre – As everything was in the unending race against time, I paused to ponder on how technology has psychologically affected human beings today.

We could be dependent, influenced, engrossed or even traumatized by it and so forth. Let me demonstrate a simple example. A gadget that almost any creature own even a member of the anti-development aborigines from the jungles of Sarawak (This was depicted by an telecommunication ad if I’m not mistaken); Handphone / Telefon bimbit / Jawwaal.


We rely on them to retrieve phone numbers. In the old days, we’d memorise more than 10 phone numbers but today some admit memorising none. Not even the Telekom phone directory operator. (For your information the number is 103. No, you don’t have to add code number 03 before it la…My goodness!)


Influenced by its sophistication. The level of sophistication is believed to depict the owner’s financial status or technology literacy rate. For example, you own a bulky 3310 Nokia with the conservative tit tut tit sound (Monophonic seems to be a too extravagant word to describe the tone). Then when most of the people around you have live talking and mini disco sounds, you start to have low self-esteem embossed with your bloody handset. You’d rather set it on vibrate mode and  than having the ring tone heard by the whole office.


A hand phone breeds trauma when it comes with technical malfunctions especially when it beeps non stop loudly and you don’t know what the heck is wrong with it especially when its worth 2 months of your salary. Worst of all, it belongs to your boss and wants YOU to handle it WITHOUT damage.

It also creates trauma through those who you fear of their calls. Banks, your exes, stalkers, your ‘one day despised because of his attitude’ boyfriend, your nagging mother in-law or etc. That is Direct Trauma whereas Indirect Trauma occurs when your loved one finds illicit messages from your fans (or even scandals for some) in your phone and makes your life miserable for the whole week. 

*All of these deductions are from the samples of my research. I thank my subjects of their invaluable cooperation and free service.


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